Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage in the project planning process should I contact NLPC?

As early in the process as possible!  We can be an invaluable resource for you at all stages of the planning and building process.  Drawing on our extensive experience, we provide our customers with advice and guidance that is difficult to find elsewhere… and, we do not charge for the consultation!

Is there a minimum size project that NLPC is interested in working on?

No… There is not a project too small or too big for us to handle.  We provide the same high quality service to every project, no matter what the size.

Does NLPC provide free estimates?

Yes we do! We are happy to discuss your project needs and provide you with FREE estimate within 48 hours.

Does the color of the paint I choose make a difference when NLPC is estimating a job?

Yes, it can. The cost of the materials is determined by the amount of product needed for accurate coverage of previous colors, along with the brand and type of paint chosen. For example, if your existing paint color is a dark blue and you would like to change that to white, it will take more coats of paint (more cans of paint) to cover the blue, than if it were originally white being re-painted white.

Do I need to hire an architect to work with NLPC?

The professional design needs for your project can be handled in several ways.  We can provide this service for you, we can assist you in attaining proposals from several firms, or we can work with design professionals you have chosen.

What are some of the brands of paint that you use? Can I choose my own?

NLPC uses Sherwin Williams, Glidden, Benjamin Moore, and FMI paints. If you happen to have another preference, we will work with that as well.

Does NLPC warranty their products and services?

Yes – following are some of the project dependant details:
Our Construction Project: New design/build projects are covered for two years and all other services are covered for one year.

Our Painting Projects: Painting projects have both a manufacturer and a workmanship warranty, each of which is specific to the product/material being used and the project. Warranty specifics and limitations will be discussed during consultation and provided in your written estimate.