About NLPC

Our Promise... Value at a Competitive Price

When you think of superlative painting and construction services you think about expertise, reliability, cleanliness and a high quality product at competitive prices.  It’s no wonder that New Look Painting & Construction has been pinpointed as a leader within the industry.  We are a company that prides itself on professionalism and precision.  The quality standards we have developed over thirty years, coupled with our on-site job specialists, New Look Painting & Construction assures that every job is delivered to your satisfaction… on time and on budget.

Respected Industry Leaders

New Look Painting & Construction provides regular painting applications, repair and improvement services to over 50 residential communities throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts.  We are the first choice and preferred contractor of leading property managers in the condo association industry.  In addition, our alliance with premier builders, real estate companies and property developers throughout New England have allowed us to provide the same unparalleled quality, service and pricing to clients big and small.  Whether you are looking to completely remodel a 400 unit office facility or spruce up a residential condominium complex, New Look Painting & Construction has the manpower and the expertise to handle your job.

Condominium Services 

  • A leader in the Condominium Association Industry
  • Confident and Professional Service for Homeowners

Specialty Services

  • Custom Design and Construction Capabilities
  • Unique and High Quality Finishes & Textures
  • Eco-Friendly Paint and Construction Products Available


  • Estimates in 24 hours
  • Comprehensive Prep Work Ensures Lasting Results
  • Thorough Inspection of Project Before Certified Complete
  • All Work Performed by Licensed Owners and Employees